Everything you Need to Know about Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp business is a tool available as well as for iPhone and Android. In addition, it is mainly designed for SMEs or StartUps, although it’s used by millions of companies. Below I will show you why it owes its growth in the industry, including its special characteristics, unlike the “common” WhatsApp.

whatsapp business

The application was launched in 2009 and has always been under a free modality. Unlike WhatsApp, this business version can be added to a special sector of our company or where we work like. But don’t be confused. For WhatsApp Business it is necessary to download the application separately. So you can only have a single number for a specific version type.

What is the difference then?

The biggest difference would be that you used WhatsApp as a kind of cover letter. So every time someone enters your profile you will find a very LinkedIn-like image. You will have a company photo, a description, business hours, locations, emails, and web pages, among others.

business profile

Absence messages can be scheduled to be sent automatically if someone tries to contact us. Also schedule welcome messages, to make customers see that they will soon be served, for example. Adding to this the use of templates for messages that you have to be using, avoiding in this way rewriting them.

But that is not the best part. You can also create a catalog of services, showing, for example, the products you sell. The information entered in the products can be an image, name, description, price, link, or product code.

business whatsapp

Lastly, I will mention the tags for the conversations. With this tool, what you can do is separate according to the type of conversation. An example may be the queries that clients make about beds or another where they ask about armchairs. In this way, you can have more organization and it will be much easier to distinguish between the data displayed in the inbox.


For the installation, the first thing to do is a backup. In this backup, data such as messages or conversations will be included. This is of utmost importance for more than obvious reasons, the good thing is that WhatsApp allows you to do them quite automatically.

Followed by the above. What you should do is go to download the application according to the operating system.

Finally, the only thing to do is pass the data from the previous version of WhatsApp to the new WhatsApp Business. Before you accept the transfer of the backup, it will ask you if you want to use the same phone number. At the moment you accept, the data will start automatically.


When entering the application, the first thing you must do is configure the company profile. In it, you will enter the basic data such as company name or email address.

Additionally, it will ask how you want to make the backup. You should choose weekly in this case.

Next, what you should do is complete the profile information. Repeating what was mentioned at the beginning, this information may be address, hours, web pages, etc.

Next, what you should do, although not necessarily, it will be to configure the products that you are going to offer. Also adding the configurations of the labels that you are going to use the most and personalized welcome messages or others.


As you can see, it is a relatively easy process that will allow you to enter this new generation of the electronic market that we are experiencing.

The way in which it allows us to automate the company and improve the relationship with customers is extremely important. It allows us to eliminate problems like avoid writing repetitive text, response time, and maintain advanced organization.

Finally, I tell you that between the new updates WhatsApp Business is working on, are payments and advertising in status.

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