Top 5 New Features that we Want to Find on Whatsapp

We know Whatsapp could be popular due to its minimalist. This allows people of all ages to have a good interaction with the app. However, it is no secret that it lacks things that another group of people may be occupying or wanting. In the following list, I detail five features that I think may be essential and that could come among WhatsApp new features.

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Don’t get me wrong, we already know that WhatsApp is almost perfect but the world evolves and the application will have to do it sooner or later.

In a future probably more distant than anything else, new applications will come to compete with this app. It is also possible that others like Telegram manage to establish itself as the most used.

In fact, if we weigh ourselves, they are characteristics that we could easily find on Facebook. So in this case, why would Mark Zuckerberg bother turning WhatsApp into a new Facebook?

The answers to the previous question are very contradictory, but let’s remember that the biggest factor may be competition. We find applications like Telegram and Hangouts which want to become number one in messaging and calling.

People nearby

In the world of the internet, it is very easy to find different individuals, either using emails, phone numbers, social network users, or a simple name and surname search. However, not everyone can be found so easily, especially because we may be looking for lost people, the love of our lives, or a candidate to start a conversation. For any of the options, there are the applications to search for people but imagine if WhatsApp will implement this option.

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It would probably have to use the same network and code that Facebook uses. In this sense, we know that Facebook is almost perfect. It has probably happened to you that you see a person, you come home, you open Facebook and that person is in the friendship suggestions.

It has positive points since it can be useful in case of emergencies or that we lose a contact. Of course, there are also negative points. Criminal acts, abuse, and others could probably increase. Much of that is due to the fact that only one click would be enough to know if you are close to who you are looking for.

Videos in profile

This would be a cool feature. We could make the network something a little more dynamic and advanced than what we already know.

It is precisely one of the options that Telegram is implemented and leads us to that WhatsApp will probably also do it.

In Telegram, when you are in a conversation, a frame of the video that you have in your profile appears(something like a GIF). By pressing the frame it goes to the complete video that we have in our profile.

It could prove to be critical for businesses, as advertisements could be shown in profile photos in conversations. Not only is the fact that advertising is sweeping the internet today. It will also allow our story to be displayed in lapses as we chat. This would likely increase the time each one spends on the platform each day.

Filter conversations from non-contacts

In this sense, you could not only filter the conversations of people who are not on your friend’s list but also separate both types of contacts.

This can be a good option since it would allow us not to be searching among all the conversations for a new number. It would allow us to have more organization and find a conversation with someone we know we have not added.

The reasons why we didn’t add someone to our list are plenty. Now that I thinking about it, it could also be a very novelty if it allowed us to have a photo and status in the profile for people that we do not have added. I think it would not only make a platform a bit more empathetic but it would increase the engagement. Although it has its cons, but meditate yourself (I warn of headaches in the process).

More optimized archiving

Maybe it’s something that only happens to me, but when I don’t want to be in a group to which I was added, I archive the group’s conversations. I usually do it for as long as I see fit, it can be a week or a month. I do this and we do it with the purpose of not looking like “parasites” leaving the groups. In addition to the conversation not appearing at the top.

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The problem is that if they talk to us or create a new conversation, the chat will appear again among the first. I am very annoyed because if we press by mistake it will seem like we read the message. But indeed, we are ignoring it but “we don’t want it to be known.”

So imagine how easy it would be that with just one click to hide conversations until we decide. It would avoid many uncomfortable moments that happen to us on the platform, with our couples and friends.

I can assure you that if this is implemented, the application is going to be more loved than it is now.

Thumbnails and Message Preview

Probably your skin bristles just thinking about it like me.

The thumbnails are also another modality Telegram is implementing. In fact, graphically it is very attractive as it allows us to view images before having to open the conversation. This can come in handy if we want to increase the dynamics of conversations with our friends. Maybe it is a good idea to see all its functionality.

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Something that is definitely quite functional, is the idea of ​​being able to preview the message inside the app. Similar to how it arrives in the notifications, only without the need to have it all the time there. This functionality could even be complemented in the way messages are viewed. By this, I mean that you can see (preview) and it does not open, so it will not look like you already saw the message.

What do you say? I am thinking of selling these ideas to Mark Zuckerberg if he does not read the article. And you, what do you think are good features that can be included in Whatsapp?

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