10 Free applications to recover deleted files

In this article, we are going to focus on computers that use Microsoft’s Windows operating system. We’ll look at the most common and least-risk apps to restore documents after voluntary or unintentional deletion. All these software solutions work in the same way, they are simply downloaded, installed, and run.

Pandora Recovery

pandora recovery

This development offers a very intuitive interface and is also compatible with NTFS, NTFS / EFS FAT file systems. Searches can be established on the different disks of the Windows computer, and its effectiveness ratio is high when it comes to recovering deleted files.

It allows you to recover deleted photos, audio files, movies, documents, etc.

Like most of these types of applications, Pandora Recovery scans the hard drive to produce an index of found files that have been deleted. In this way, we can see if our deleted photos are there to try to recover them. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface and you can download Pandora.



It is possibly the fastest Windows application available at the moment to recover deleted files.

Does not need to be installed and is downloaded in ZIP format, so it is necessary to extract the content. Allows you to make filters to find exactly what you are trying to locate and does not need complete installation.

A classic among free programs to recover deleted photos from the computer. It is a classic program, which already has a somewhat old interface but very simple to use. It offers great effectiveness when it comes to recovering deleted photos from memory cards, USB drives, or hard drives and another advantage is that it is also portable.

We can download Restoration and save it wherever we want. Take it to the computer we want and run it without the need for complex installations and configurations. Just launch and start scanning to find and recover deleted photos.

Free File Recovery

free file recovery

It has access to all kinds of drives, even external ones (like USB keys).

This tool to restore deleted documents is easy to use and does not require installation, so we are talking about a portable work that is capable of reading FAT and NTFS file systems. The app also Supports encryption.

Compatible with more than 20 different file formats, allowing us to use it to recover deleted photos with a full guarantee.

Undelete 360


The best thing that this development offers is that the search and filtering options are very high. It is also translated and you can see the progress it is making at all times.

In the development window, you can see very interesting information, such as whether a file has been manually deleted or has simply been overwritten. A complete job with a very recognizable interface.

Glary Undelete

glary undelete

If something stands out in this development it is that everything it does to you is very intuitive since there are few values ​​that have to be modified in this work: choose the unit, establish a filter if necessary, and then click Restore.



Developed by Piriform, it can recover permanently deleted files, which have been marked as free space by the operating system.

This free data recovery software works on hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players, and other storage devices that support FAT and NTFS file systems. The application comes in 32 and 64-bit versions.

In addition, Recuva is available installable and portable. The portable version has the advantage of not having to risk the possibility of overwriting the hard disk and therefore losing data during installation.

The application works like a Freemium, which means that its functionality can be improved by purchasing a commercial license.

EaseUs Data Wizard

easeus data wizard

This tool help us to restore formatted, deleted, or lost documents from PC, laptop, or removable device easily and quickly.

Available for both Windows, Mac and actually it is a free tool we can find.


  • If you delete a file, you are gonna be capable to recover it.
  • Recover formatted files.
  • Retrieve data from an empty recycling bin.
  • Recover lost partition.
  • Windows hard drive failure, virus, or Windows crashes.

Wondershare Recoverit


This program is one of the fastest and most reliable to recover deleted photos from your computer.

Recoverit is compatible with Windows operating systems, from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10, and it is also compatible with Mac computers that use macOS.

This program is the perfect option to restore documents and also folders from different media, such as hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, flash drives, and even mobile phones.

Wondershare Recoverit has different recovery modes, such as recovery when file corruption has occurred, file deletion by mistake, lost files, ransomware, and even accidental shutdown of the PC.



If what you are looking for is a complete and more advanced application, you have at your disposal TestDisk & PhotoRec. A GPL license pack that will allow you to use the disks to observe all kinds of information and recover or repair partitions, rebuild boots, make copies of security, and even recover files from FAT, NTFS, or even EXT2 / EXT3 partitions.

TestDisk is a powerful tool for both disk repair and to recover deleted photos or files. Keep in mind that for it to work properly you have to run the program with administrator permissions. Does not require installation and it has long been one of the most efficient tools when it comes to recovering deleted files on your PC.

It is available for DOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS, and Mac. They have recently included a graphical interface, apart from their very powerful command-line version, for which advanced knowledge is recommended.

Avira Unerase

avira unerase

The company of the excellent Avira antivirus, has this small utility that does not reach the mega medium and allows to restore documents from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4, NTFS5 partitions, and can recover compressed encrypted files (NTFS5), streams (NTFS, NTFS5), files ( NTFS, NTFS5), multiple files with the same name, or local files.

The app is no longer on the official website, but you can still download from third parties pages like uptodown.

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