How to increase internet speed with real methods

Have you ever found yourself like the man in the photo?. In the following paragraphs, I will teach you how to increase internet speed so that the same thing stops happening to you.

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Increase general internet speed

Check your Router:


Check that the connection cables are in perfect condition. I mention it to you since many times the problem is a wrongly connected cable. Other times instead, it may be the telephone network cable that is in bad condition. They are usually found inside the walls, so it is important to eliminate pests or humidity.

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Make sure you have the best distances available.

Whether Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it is essential that you are close to your router in order to avoid interference.

Among the most common sources are walls, microwaves, hoven, mirrors, and some metal surfaces.


Use a high gain antenna. In this case, you can search for omnidirectional antennas for a price of $ 15-25.

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Make sure you have the router in a high position. Most routers send the signals in the down direction so their position is important.


Try restarting the router. In this way, you guarantee to eliminate any saturation in network traffic, either in sending or responses. It is essential after having an electrical problem in the house or in the region.

Check your Computer:


Take speed tests online. It is essential that you analyze the corresponding exams, otherwise you could make unnecessary configuration on the computer. On the web, there are many tools for this, an example it can be , which is one of the best known speed testers. Be sure to perform several tests, so you will be sure of how to proceed.

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Check who is online. In this case, you can enter your router. The address is usually used. You will find very valuable information about the devices that have been connecting to your network. You can also download applications that help you with this topic.

DNS Cache

Empty DNS caches. DNS servers are responsible for translating physical addresses ( into logical ones for us ( ). The responses from the servers are temporarily stored on the computer each time we make an inquiry. In fact, you can check it out using the ipconfig / displaydns command in the windows console.

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The importance derives from being able to remove outdated data from the pages we visit and in this way there is no accumulated “garbage”. With this we can rule out problems related to our browser.

To clear the DNS cache you just have to enter the command ipconfig / flushdns in the console and with this, you will get rid of that faulty information.

Background tasks

One of the most important ways to increase internet speed when we are working on our computers and that we often do not take into account.

You need to keep checking the update times of the operating system. Windows, for example, commonly uses downtime to update itself but you can program that time too. The problem is that you may be browsing without realizing that the system is downloading update packages.

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Make sure you always have the task manager visible. With this, you can be aware of how much your machine changes status and increases activity.

Try another browser

The Storage of cookies, cache, personal data, or even history, in more extreme cases, it may cause your browser to lose a little “sense”. This is due to the synchronization they must have with the pages to deliver good response times and content updates. Therefore, it is recommended that you try using another browser in order to analyze the response or download times.

However, you can also delete the aforementioned data from your preferred browser. In chrome, you usually access in the way shown in the following image.

brower internet speed

Check your phone:

Most of the aforementioned solutions in “Check your computer” apply in the same way for cell phones. However, you may also be interested in some of the following.

Speed Booster

Although I hardly recommend it. Having a speed booster can help you clean up some sync processes, and close programs running on the background. It is preferable just for those with little informatic knowledge or if want something to save time. That’s because every application is more space and less security too.


Make sure your device is updated. It is important since the slowness will not be due to the internet but rather to the phone.

Check the list of Most Used Software, so maybe you can find what are you looking for.

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