How to update your android APK apps easily

Many users on Android seek to reduce their dependence on Google, so they do not use the Play Store to download applications. Instead, they use alternative stores where they download an android APK of those applications.

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Downloading and installing an APK is not a complicated thing, although keeping all these applications up to date can be an arduous task, especially if you have many.

There are many online portals where you can download third-party apps through the APK files. These are neither more nor less than the installers that Android smartphones use to install a program in question. To be able to use them it is necessary to have made certain modifications to the device’s settings so that it does not prevent it.

What is the problem with these installations outside the Play Store? Their automatic updates do not work, since the digital store does not recognize these programs. At this moment is when another important question jumps. How to update the installed applications with APK without using Google Play Store?.

How to keep an android APK updated?

Many applications that are installed through an android APK file are outside the detection range of the Google Play Store. To update them, the best way is to have another tool that is in charge of reviewing everything installed and checking if there are new versions available. In these cases, the best alternative available right now is the APKUpdater program.

It is an app that, obviously, is not available in the Google Store. To be able to use it you have to download and install it. How do I do it?.

It is possible to find the app on XDA and also on Github. You can download it to your Android phone without any problem. The download from these two sources is safe in any case. If you want to make sure of it, you can always check whether or not this APK is free of viruses or threats.


Once the download has been made, make sure you have enabled the option to use “Unkown sources” within the security section of “Settings”. The following is as simple as looking for the file you downloaded in the internal memory.

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The application has a simple design, which means that we will not have problems when we use it. There are four big sections: Applications (apps installed), Update (if updates are available), Search, and the Settings of the app. Moving within the application will not be difficult.

apk updater

Here are the steps to configure and use APKupdater:

  • First of all, after downloading and installing it, open APKUpdater. By doing so, if your phone is connected to the internet, it will begin to review all the installed applications and compare with the most available on the networks. If it does not, just by pressing the blue button in the lower right corner, it will review.
  • If you wish, you can configure the places to which the program goes to search for updates. To do this, click on the gear icon at the top, and then scroll down until you reach the “Update source” section.
  • In this section, you can choose any of the available options by checking or unchecking the boxes that exist. You can, in fact, set it to search on the Google Play Store as well. In addition, there are other interesting configuration parameters regarding filtering results.
  • Now, once the new versions have been found, go back to the main menu and, at the top, click on “Updates”. You will see that below the word there is a number in parentheses. This indicates the number of downloads available.
  • Look at each of the applications and click on the blue word that is below in each of its boxes. It is possible that it will update automatically or that, otherwise, it will send you to the web page that appears named.
  • In case it sends you to the web, just click on the download button that appears later. After this, open the APK file that will have been downloaded.
  • By repeating this process, you will always have the software ready and up to date.

One of its advantages is that it works with phones from Android 4.0.3 to those that already have Android 10.

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