Top 10 Most used Laboratory Information Management Systems

laboratory information systems

Over the years I have learned about the importance of making the right decision. Most of them help us avoid unnecessary expenses and improve productivity in our daily routine. One of the topics that I have been following up on currently is LIMS (laboratory information management system). Therefore, I bring you an in-depth search of the 10 most used LIMS so you can make the right decision about what software to use.

1. STARLIMS Corporation

A computer software developed by the company Abbott Informatics.

Provides a tool to improve and automate processes.

It has a highly effective interface for the life cycle of processes. Details such as daily maintenance events or user alerts can be viewed on the interface. You can also visualize specific activities such as conductivity parameters or pH meters through panels.

There no doubt that is a proactive system that also allows you to be aware of pending tests, in addition to being able to use some of your samples.

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2. Sample Manager

In present times, mobile technology is part of our identity, so clearly today’s applications must be mobile-friendly so they offer the best user experience.

Also, it does offer different templates to fully support your app on mobile devices. This means that you can keep constant reviews of the samples via mobile while setting up workflows step by step.

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3. LabWare

Like many of its competitors, LabWare enables interaction with laboratory data through mobile devices.

Among its features are:

  • Barcodes
  • Result Entry
  • Batch Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • External Linking
  • Portal for External Lab Stakeholders
  • Ad Hoc Query, Data Visualization, and Analytics
  • Integration of Instruments

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4. Apex LIS

A system designed for laboratories and doctors which uses relatively new technologies such as data mining and cloud information.

This software one of the best rated in terms of customer service it offers.

Offers highly user-friendly and easy to learning.

Its biggest problem is the number of times the application stops working, cutting communications between devices. Even so, it always offers quality support to solve problems on time.

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5. SoftLab

The Software offers a lot of customization options with some multitasking and portability features. So once you get familiar with it, it’s really easy to use.

Gives the ability to develop multiple tasks in one program such as cataloging, tracking, and workstation redirection from one facility to another.

It is very detail-oriented within the computer environment.

This system automatically uploads the orders to the line with little to no effort. Gives the flexibility to configure the settings to your liking.

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6. Nova-LIMS

scc information management

It produces a streamlined and sustainable process of innovation to help pharmacists and healthcare companies.

Some of the best-known models that the software implements are Analysis of variance (ANOVA tables), Data pooling (p-value) and functions like Validated automated calculations and Skip lot testing.

Nova-Lims has an easy to configure user interface and an efficient graphics design, especially for those who are beginning.

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7. CDD Vault

A web application that lets you do tasks unifying management analysis and sharing the data to a simple secured system. Also, let teams upload, organize, and store the data in a cloud-based system.

Some task you can do with CDD Vault are:

  • Create Single Point Screening Protocol
  • Handling import issues
  • Explore data search
  • Keep track of your experiments
  • SubStructure searching
  • Capturing mixtures
  • Let the application to automatically calculate and upload the results to the sever.

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8. LabVantage

Here are some of LabVantage features:

  • Project manager
  • Invoice manager
  • SOP manager
  • Batch management report analyzer
  • Barcode and date samples
  • Sample COC
  • PO manager
  • Material inventory manager
  • Testing reports manager
  • Lab documents manager

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9. CloudLIMS

cloudlims information management system

It’s another of the cloud-based laboratory information management system that takes all the data you generate and puts it on the cloud.

Generate automatic daily data backups and malware protection, these mean that you are saving a lot of money with costly customization.

Provides a flexible and intuitive interface that eliminates the need for expensive servers and database experts.

Finally, the app also offers 24 global accessibility, guaranteed operational efficiency, and a platform for collaboration.

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10. LabCollector

labcollector management system

Can be hosted locally or on an agile bio server and is compliant with regulation.

It has six levels of permissions for users allowing, among other things, to create automatic backups.

It’s adaptable to your lab environment with a fully customizable lab management system and a simple and easy interface.

Adapts you to any situation with its optional add-ons like an electronic lab notebook, photobank, and scheduler.

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