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When we use our mobile devices it is very common that the screen freezes and an application stop working. All this is due, among other things, to the number of applications running in the background. If it happens frequently, you may want to take note of some tips to close background apps efficiently.

background apps

Sometimes the performance of Android devices is affected (especially those with a lower amount of RAM memory) causing a decrease when handling operations. Usually, this is due to applications that run in the background in our devices.

All this because one of the most important characteristics of our Android terminals is multitasking. This feature allows us to run several applications in the background and allows us to use them all at the same time, sometimes this can cause problems.

If any of the applications that run in the background have coding errors, it could cause the application not to close once its action is finished and consequently causing problems in our Android devices such as slowdown, overheating, and rapid wear of the battery. That is why we need to know how to prevent these background apps to run on our terminals.

Free apps

Fancy Cleaner

fancy cleaner

The application can be found in the play store. Helps to control battery hibernation, refresh CPU, clean file junk, and uninstalled app residue. It also keeps the phone protected due to an integrated antivirus.



It is one of the many applications that exist for this purpose, however one of the most used.

Completely free application that you can find both in the play store as in APK on different websites.

Its interface is relatively easy to use since basically it is only a matter of giving a click so that you can close the applications in the background.

Close them manually

It is the simplest and safest way to close some background apps. For this, there is not much science and it is essential that you know how to do it.

apps manager

In most devices what you must do to close them manually is go to the settings > applications > applications manager section. Once here you just have to look for the ones you want to close and observe the ones that are running. I recommend that you take advantage of is to uninstall all those that you consider unnecessary.

Check for Virus

How not to mention our good friends “The Virus”.

To explain the subject, I will mention the example of one of the worst computer viruses. It is about those who use the computer as a personal miner. That means that once you download one of these viruses, your computer starts mining Bitcoins every time you log in. They are known as malware and can cause your computer to overheat and underperform.

With the above mentioned, now imagine if something similar could enter your phone and it was always running in the background.

Mobile viruses are usually aimed at stealing data such as passwords or card data. But in addition to causing a theft in question, it will also cause major software and hardware problems on your mobile device.

Always make sure to keep your mobile device protected and be aware of your background apps. Including those that may be hidden of course.

You may be interested in knowing which are 25 malicious applications that you should remove from your android device.

Keep your device up to date

I tell you about my own experience. I am one of the people who constantly run out of space on the phone due to the number of applications and files downloaded. What is the problem? Well, I think they are quite easy to recognize. For this I will list them below:

  • If you have too many pending updates your phone will always be trying to update them. The problem is if you don’t have space or you are always occupying your network completely. For these reasons we always forget about updates, forcing our android operating system to make an infinite queue to update. Sure you could look in settings and prevent it from doing it automatically, but that would lead to more problems.
  • The application code acts simultaneously with that of the operating system. Therefore, every time we skip an update there will only be a bad communication between the app code and the OS.
  • Based on what was mentioned in the previous point, we also omitted improvements. This means that if an application comes with problems, the developers will try to solve it. This is something that is seen a lot also with plugins or widgets in CMS or others. When a problem is reported, the program is most of the time immediately modified. If you do not have the updates enabled, you will not be able to know what is happening.

Keep in mind all the points that I mentioned above, maybe some of them will be able to solve the problems on your android. Of course, remember that many, perhaps most of them, are required to have an optimized and “healthy” device.

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