How to add a signature in word

This new digital age has been leaving behind all that pile of papers on top of office tables. In this sense, the Microsoft suite the one that has been offering the most used tools for years by users to create and share documents in electronic format. Analysing the importance of this type of tool, let’s see how to add a signature in word.

How to add a signature in word

For some time, most paperwork can already be sent in electronic format or done over the Internet.

Creating, sharing, editing files is easier than ever. However, there are people who still do not know how to take advantage of these programs.

If you’ve always been one of those who print a document, sign it, and then scan it again, you need to know that there’s a better solution. Now you just have to sign documents directly from Word or Excel.

How to sign digital documents in Word?

The possibilities of Microsoft Office programs are endless. As I said before, now we can sign documents directly from documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. That let us don’t waste a lot of time and money traveling, driving or searching for someone or something to print our documents.

However, you first need to have a certificate signature.

But, what is a certificate signing?

signature certificate

You need to know that when you sign a document, a digital certificate and a public key are generated. This is done to ensure that the document has not been modified after it has been signed.

Once you have your signature-ready, you’ll need to open a document and then add a digital signature. This will create something like an authenticity for the document and identify the author of that signature or document.

Steps to add a digital signature to documents

To do this, the first thing you have to do is open or create a document. If it’s a new document, then previously you’ll have to save it in a format that allows you to add a digital signature.

Once that’s done, let’s move to the Insert option in Word. Within the text section, we have to look for the option Add a signature line, which is represented by a blank sheet and a pencil.

signature line

Digital signature

Clicking on this option will automatically open a signature configuration window asking for some basic information. In this section we have to indicate the name of the signer, post, and email address. In addition, it is also possible to indicate whether we want the signer to be able to add comments. We can also indicate if we want to display the date on the signature line.

digital signature

Once this is done, click OK and a Signature line will be added to our document when this is done. Double-clicking on it or choosing the Sign option, we will open a new window in which we can add the image with our signature, include information about the signer, etc.

Now we have already added a digital signature to a Word document.

Having said the above remember that in order to create a digital signature it is necessary to have a certificate signature to be valid. That’s because when a digitally signed document is sent, its certificate and a public key are also sent to ensure that the document has not been modified after it has been signed.

Invisible signature in PowerPoint, Word and Excel

We can use invisible signatures in PowerPoint, something we can also do in Word and Excel. To do this, we have to open any of the three Office applications and go to File > Info > Protect Document. We deploy the options below and select the Add a digital signature option. We complete the window that appears to us with the type of details, commitment, or certificate and click on Sign.

This type of signature cannot be seen in documents and it is a guarantee that they have not been modified after the signature and its author.

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