How to fix battery drain with 10 simple tricks

How not to remember the beautiful first days with our phone but now, we begin to notice that the mobile battery starts to drain in minutes. One of the most hated problems on our devices. However, there is a set of tricks that can help us improve its performance even by 40%.

mobile battery

Whether you want to accept it or not, the truth is that if you are here it is because your mobile battery no longer supports the consumption that you are giving it. Although, let’s not see it as something magical that has to happen from a moment since in most cases it is accumulated garbage. Sure, accumulated garbage hiding in the background or third-party apps, or due to bad settings. There are 10 basic tips that you probably see in many places but that it never hurts to review.

Background apps

The main source of battery consumption is always going to be data collection from applications and the device. In fact, you can try it with internet explorer since they are more dedicated to the use of data than to the user experience. This makes it one of the slowest browsers and increases CPU usage on both mobile and computer.

battery drain

Other times, the problem is simply that we have a considerable number of applications. Just imagine how many applications may be running in the background in these cases.

It is always important to press the central button and start closing all the applications that we have open. But remember that there are others that can remain hidden. In this case, you must enter on settings > application > application manager part or use an application cleaner or booster.

You can see my guide to close background apps and so, have your phone a little bit cleaner.

Bright problems

Many people love to have their phones in full brightness but remember that it also drains your battery quickly and quickly. So if you are really frustrated by the battery issue, reduce the brightness of your phone screen.

This goes a lot in hand with how long the screen stays on. Make sure the values ​​are as necessary. For example, with 30 seconds to go into rest mode, I think it is more than acceptable.

Also, keep in mind the power saving mode since phones greatly reduce their values ​​in terms of screen. Try to learn to live with it from the first moment you buy a phone. You will lengthen your mobile battery with that a lot.

Clear cache and device data

Another characteristic of garbage waste that remains in memory.

A lot of people will probably say no, but, what happens when the phone accumulates 500MB of data in the cache. Of course, it will consume the battery and not only that but also the internal memory.

clear cache

In case you don’t know what cache is. It is basically a collection of data and parameters that applications use. They do this to act in a faster way the next time you use them and not have to modify or reload everything again.

In this case, let’s use as an example, the cache of the Facebook application. Thanks to the data stored in the cache and the history are how you receive the constant notifications at your start. And of course, those kinds of features demand a lot of energy.

Turn off the connectivity option

Probably the second cause of battery drain.

Leaving mobile data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth on is not something we necessarily do for pleasure but for work and study. Because we could be waiting for a message or a call by WhatsApp. Although it can also be because we have headphones connected to Bluetooth or we are making a multimedia transfer.

super connections

It is more related to communication between hardware and software. We are talking about small microcontrollers that have to be constantly sending and receiving data. To do this, they demand small amounts of energy from the telephone to work.

Whatever the reason you use features like Bluetooth or Wifi. Remember to always turn them off when you are not using them. You’ll give a huge breath to the battery if you do.

Testing a cell phone battery

It’s a bit more for experts, but quite useful too. In this case, what is done is to check the amount of voltage according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, the battery voltage is 3.7 to 4.5 Volts. If it is well below spec then it is probably time to buy another, preferably original.

If you are going to remove the battery from the device, take the opportunity to check for any damage or if it is inflated. In the latter case, you can make it spin over the table, if it is not inflated it should not spin. If you see the opposite then you already know what to do.

Poorly developed applications.

Believe me, more often happens than you think. Many times any programmer for specific situations puts applications not yet finished or untested on the internet.

coding a project

Stores such as Play Store or App Store are very strict in these details and take great care not to happen that way. The problem most of all is when you download things directly from the internet. Doing it that way can affect not only battery life but also safety.

Programmers have to take into account a series of rules and parameters before uploading an application. Many times due to lack of resources or time they are forced to get the job done. In such cases, the application may be too buggy to shut down or increase CPU usage. Just a part of the missing code or the lack of code cleaning is capable of producing poor communication between software and hardware.

The most recommended in these cases is to download the applications only from the official store. For those who use APK or download packages, have update drivers and always check the manufacturer’s information.

Feel free to remove an application if you see that it has truly strange behavior.

Update your device

This topic had already been discussed in how to remove apps running on the background, but basically it goes a lot with the previous points.

Keeping your device up-to-date is essential to improve phone performance. Again, due to the communication between the software and the hardware. Having the latest version of an app will allow good communication to exist, that’s what programmers work for.

In fact, if you don’t keep it updated you will also have a lot of problems with the internet connection, bugs, and lag.

Optimize your games

This point is aimed at 62% of people who like to spend time playing on mobile.

As you know, the phone is not designed for this type of use. Although there are models like Asus ROG and the Nubia Red Magix Mars which are gaming mobiles. If you are like me and you don’t have one of those, then you will understand that there are limitations. It is very important that you do not download something that will increase the use of RAM and CPU to critical values ​​or close to them.

android games

Every time you go to download a mobile game, be sure to read the specifications. In them you will see the versions of OS allowed and which are the brands that best fit, that will allow you to compare. Also, make sure you have the necessary memory space for both downloading and execution.

The good thing is that technology evolves and manufacturers work a lot in the gaming field. They develop high-density lithium batteries in combination with other types of materials such as sulfur.

Mentioned the above, still, limit yourself in time of use. If you are clear that you cannot play for a certain amount of time, better not do it. You will cause the battery to overheat and that can damage other parts on the internal board.

Reset your phone

It is something that hurts us and that we know is very time consuming since it requires backups and time to reinstall. If none of the above worked for you or you cannot afford a battery that the manufacturer distributes for your model then this is the last option.

All phones today should have the option of recovering the operating system to the factory option. This entails a lot of sacrifices since you will have to delete contacts, accounts, and applications. It will depend on what phone you have since some allow you to specify what is formatted and what is not. Others on the other hand will always keep a backup of the system.

The important thing in these cases is that in any case make a backup of everything you have on the phone. Not only will it help you to recover documents and others, but you will also be able to analyze and see what causes failures in the battery or any part.

Usually you will find this option in settings > backup > factory data reset.

Change the battery

It is the least economical option but in the end it can save you a lot of headaches.

On second thought, I think we should all always have an extra battery in case something happens. The problem of course is its price and that sellers can try to scam us with something that does not work for the phone.

The average price of batteries is 200 to 300 dollars although there will always be places where they sell them cheaper. With that, we come to the second point. You should try to buy them only from the phone manufacturer. You can also research from authorized dealers.

I hope these tricks, which were not so simple in the end, will help you with your battery problem. Most of the time it’s just trying several solutions to get to the right one.

How to update your android APK apps easily

Many users on Android seek to reduce their dependence on Google, so they do not use the Play Store to download applications. Instead, they use alternative stores where they download an android APK of those applications.

android apk

Downloading and installing an APK is not a complicated thing, although keeping all these applications up to date can be an arduous task, especially if you have many.

There are many online portals where you can download third-party apps through the APK files. These are neither more nor less than the installers that Android smartphones use to install a program in question. To be able to use them it is necessary to have made certain modifications to the device’s settings so that it does not prevent it.

What is the problem with these installations outside the Play Store? Their automatic updates do not work, since the digital store does not recognize these programs. At this moment is when another important question jumps. How to update the installed applications with APK without using Google Play Store?.

How to keep an android APK updated?

Many applications that are installed through an android APK file are outside the detection range of the Google Play Store. To update them, the best way is to have another tool that is in charge of reviewing everything installed and checking if there are new versions available. In these cases, the best alternative available right now is the APKUpdater program.

It is an app that, obviously, is not available in the Google Store. To be able to use it you have to download and install it. How do I do it?.

It is possible to find the app on XDA and also on Github. You can download it to your Android phone without any problem. The download from these two sources is safe in any case. If you want to make sure of it, you can always check whether or not this APK is free of viruses or threats.


Once the download has been made, make sure you have enabled the option to use “Unkown sources” within the security section of “Settings”. The following is as simple as looking for the file you downloaded in the internal memory.

settings android

The application has a simple design, which means that we will not have problems when we use it. There are four big sections: Applications (apps installed), Update (if updates are available), Search, and the Settings of the app. Moving within the application will not be difficult.

apk updater

Here are the steps to configure and use APKupdater:

  • First of all, after downloading and installing it, open APKUpdater. By doing so, if your phone is connected to the internet, it will begin to review all the installed applications and compare with the most available on the networks. If it does not, just by pressing the blue button in the lower right corner, it will review.
  • If you wish, you can configure the places to which the program goes to search for updates. To do this, click on the gear icon at the top, and then scroll down until you reach the “Update source” section.
  • In this section, you can choose any of the available options by checking or unchecking the boxes that exist. You can, in fact, set it to search on the Google Play Store as well. In addition, there are other interesting configuration parameters regarding filtering results.
  • Now, once the new versions have been found, go back to the main menu and, at the top, click on “Updates”. You will see that below the word there is a number in parentheses. This indicates the number of downloads available.
  • Look at each of the applications and click on the blue word that is below in each of its boxes. It is possible that it will update automatically or that, otherwise, it will send you to the web page that appears named.
  • In case it sends you to the web, just click on the download button that appears later. After this, open the APK file that will have been downloaded.
  • By repeating this process, you will always have the software ready and up to date.

One of its advantages is that it works with phones from Android 4.0.3 to those that already have Android 10.

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How to disable automatic scans on your Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi is one of the brands that best stands out in the world of mobile technology due to its unsurpassed graphical interface and excellent functionality. However, there are details that still need improvement or that at least annoy a specific group of users. One of those details is that it constantly keeps scanning apps and this takes away some usability at the time. So now, let’s see how we can disable this feature.

scanning apps MIUI

Application security is the process of making applications more secure by finding, correcting, and improving their security. Much of this happens during the development phase but it includes tools and methods to protect applications once they are deployed. This is becoming more important as applications are increasingly targeted by hackers.

The Xiaomi brand phones by default are configured so that every time you install an application, instead of installing itself automatically as in the rest of Android terminals, a preliminary analysis of the app is made, which makes everything become slower.

This is an additional MIUI security measure that does not make much sense, since Google Play Protect already analyzes the application itself, both before installing it and once it is installed.

How to disable MIUI app analysis

MIUI is a complete ROM that, among other functions, puts a lot of emphasis on the topic of malware analysis. In addition to the security measures that Google Play already has.

MIUI uses Avast technology to analyze applications before installing them. This slows down the installation process. Luckily, we can easily disable this.

android MIUI settings

The first thing we have to do is open the MIUI security application. This application is responsible for controlling that there are no security threats on the device. Among its functions, it is activated by default that all applications that you install on the mobile are analyzed. Within this application, we follow these steps.

  • Click on the Settings button, located at the top right.
  • Press on ‘Security Analysis’.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Analyze before installing’ button to disable it.

Easy right?. As you can see, it is not difficult to deactivate the scanning apps function, although it is somewhat hidden within the settings of the security app. By deactivating this analysis, the applications will install more quickly. Regarding security, you do not have much to fear, since Play Protect is in charge of controlling whether or not an app is secure.

How to check warranty on your HP laptop

It doesn’t matter if you are a computer expert or not, it is of great value to know the warranty for hp laptops and any other brand. In the following paragraphs, I will show you in a simple way how you can obtain the data so that you always have it at hand.

HP warranty

Use the official Website

The first thing to keep in mind is that HP has a page to perform this process On the page, you can not only review laptop warranty but you can review the hp laptop serial or model number.

Another important point is that if you enter the page you can give HP permission to read the equipment data. In this way, you avoid having to search for information such as the serial or the model on your own.

But what happens when things get a little difficult and you no longer need just basic information?

The problem is that today technology loves to cause us a lot of headaches. In these cases, usually, when you are looking for support, you will be asked for information such as the model and a serial number of the equipment. This, with the clear purpose of knowing that the laptop is your property and has not been obtained illegally.

Review the labels

When you buy a laptop, it will usually have labels on the bottom or top. The information it contains may vary depending on the characteristics you acquired. Usually, most of them have labels indicating the model, serial number or security number, and the operating system.

how to check hp laptop mode

There are models that also have the label on the battery. In that case, you just have to turn off the laptop, disconnect it, and proceed with the review cautiously.

Review information in Windows

Reviewing the information as you see is not a science but what happens when you do not have the label at your disposal?

Believe me, it is more common than you think, either the label was peeled off or you got a substance on it. The fact is that in these cases you have to proceed to review it in the operating system, mostly Windows.

Press the keys Fn + Esc.

Usually, a box appears showing the complete information corresponding to the equipment.

serial number hp lapto

Use windows commands

If after having done all of the above you have not managed to get the information you need then the last thing we have left is to review it through the command line (CMD).

In this case, what you have to do is press the Windows + R key. It will show you a small window. In it, you will have to write msinfo32 or only msinfo in its defect since nowadays only 64-bit equipment is manufactured.

serial number hp lapto

This will already show you the data of the operating system and the laptop. You can save them in a text file or in another place of your convenience to avoid future complications.

Now you can check the warranty for hp laptops without fear of looking like a fool because you can’t find the information or because of the loss of the labels.

How to add a signature in word

This new digital age has been leaving behind all that pile of papers on top of office tables. In this sense, the Microsoft suite the one that has been offering the most used tools for years by users to create and share documents in electronic format. Analysing the importance of this type of tool, let’s see how to add a signature in word.

How to add a signature in word

For some time, most paperwork can already be sent in electronic format or done over the Internet.

Creating, sharing, editing files is easier than ever. However, there are people who still do not know how to take advantage of these programs.

If you’ve always been one of those who print a document, sign it, and then scan it again, you need to know that there’s a better solution. Now you just have to sign documents directly from Word or Excel.

How to sign digital documents in Word?

The possibilities of Microsoft Office programs are endless. As I said before, now we can sign documents directly from documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. That let us don’t waste a lot of time and money traveling, driving or searching for someone or something to print our documents.

However, you first need to have a certificate signature.

But, what is a certificate signing?

signature certificate

You need to know that when you sign a document, a digital certificate and a public key are generated. This is done to ensure that the document has not been modified after it has been signed.

Once you have your signature-ready, you’ll need to open a document and then add a digital signature. This will create something like an authenticity for the document and identify the author of that signature or document.

Steps to add a digital signature to documents

To do this, the first thing you have to do is open or create a document. If it’s a new document, then previously you’ll have to save it in a format that allows you to add a digital signature.

Once that’s done, let’s move to the Insert option in Word. Within the text section, we have to look for the option Add a signature line, which is represented by a blank sheet and a pencil.

signature line

Digital signature

Clicking on this option will automatically open a signature configuration window asking for some basic information. In this section we have to indicate the name of the signer, post, and email address. In addition, it is also possible to indicate whether we want the signer to be able to add comments. We can also indicate if we want to display the date on the signature line.

digital signature

Once this is done, click OK and a Signature line will be added to our document when this is done. Double-clicking on it or choosing the Sign option, we will open a new window in which we can add the image with our signature, include information about the signer, etc.

Now we have already added a digital signature to a Word document.

Having said the above remember that in order to create a digital signature it is necessary to have a certificate signature to be valid. That’s because when a digitally signed document is sent, its certificate and a public key are also sent to ensure that the document has not been modified after it has been signed.

Invisible signature in PowerPoint, Word and Excel

We can use invisible signatures in PowerPoint, something we can also do in Word and Excel. To do this, we have to open any of the three Office applications and go to File > Info > Protect Document. We deploy the options below and select the Add a digital signature option. We complete the window that appears to us with the type of details, commitment, or certificate and click on Sign.

This type of signature cannot be seen in documents and it is a guarantee that they have not been modified after the signature and its author.

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How to make Gantt chart in Excel

The Gantt chart is a tool for project management and planning. Basically it helps to visualize the relationship between time and certain tasks within a project or why not, in some of our daily duties.

final excel chart

The first step in making a Gantt chart is to make a list of all the activities that a project may require. As a result, we may get too long a list. However, from this, we will define times for the completion of each task, priorities, and order of achievement. In addition, we will group the activities by specific items to simplify the graph as much as possible.

Below, I will show you how to make Gantt chart in Excel in less than 5 minutes.

To start, I just recommend you to have a table available to work, if not, you can download the one attached below.

how to make gantt chart
  1. Once you have the table ready, the next thing will be to go to the graphics part in excel and select the stacked graph.
gantt chart 1
  1. When you have the graph, probably on the created table, the next thing to do is to right-click on some blank space in the new graph.
gantt chart 2
  1. The following box will appear. What you should do is click on the icon on the right side of the text entry.
excel column
  1. With the mouse, you must select the columns of PLAN START and PLAN DURATION in the data table. Click on the icon on the right side of the popup.
gantt chartt 4
  1. Press the edit button in the popup window since we must select which categories we want to be in the graph.
gantt chart 5
  1. Now you must press the icon to select the categories you want to enter in the graph.
gant chartt 6
  1. As in step 4, you just have to drag with the mouse while left-clicking all the categories.
chart pop up
  1. Almost done. Press the OK icon on the popup.
excel popup
  1. In the upper right, click on the addition icon.
dinamic chart
  1. You can decide if you want the graphic to have a title or other information. After you check the options of your choice, right-click on the activities in the graph. Select the select data option.
excel information
  1. Check the categories option in reverse order. This facilitates the visualization of the data.
  1. Finally, you just have to press the left click on the planned start bars (blue bars). On the right side, press No fill and you would already have a fancy Gantt chart.
excel bars

How to make Gantt chart in Excel?

Well, as you could see, it is really easy to use this type of tool, mainly for office applications, mainly Excel or Word.

Many people see it as a coordinate system with two fundamental axes. The tasks to be carried out from start to finish are located on the vertical axis. Conversely, the times are placed on the horizontal axis. Values ​​on the horizontal axis can be days, months, semesters, or years.

A good example of using the Gantt chart can be managing budgets or controlling spending across different items. But, in addition to finance, there are many other applications of this type of graph.

Lastly, you should know that the importance of learning this type of tool is essential to manage in the labor market. However, many of these tools today are found in templates so you should only have well-defined data.

Here you can find some Gantt templates for your projects.

How to increase internet speed with real methods

Have you ever found yourself like the man in the photo?. In the following paragraphs, I will teach you how to increase internet speed so that the same thing stops happening to you.

more speed

Increase general internet speed

Check your Router:


Check that the connection cables are in perfect condition. I mention it to you since many times the problem is a wrongly connected cable. Other times instead, it may be the telephone network cable that is in bad condition. They are usually found inside the walls, so it is important to eliminate pests or humidity.

internet problems

Make sure you have the best distances available.

Whether Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it is essential that you are close to your router in order to avoid interference.

Among the most common sources are walls, microwaves, hoven, mirrors, and some metal surfaces.


Use a high gain antenna. In this case, you can search for omnidirectional antennas for a price of $ 15-25.

increase internet

Make sure you have the router in a high position. Most routers send the signals in the down direction so their position is important.


Try restarting the router. In this way, you guarantee to eliminate any saturation in network traffic, either in sending or responses. It is essential after having an electrical problem in the house or in the region.

Check your Computer:


Take speed tests online. It is essential that you analyze the corresponding exams, otherwise you could make unnecessary configuration on the computer. On the web, there are many tools for this, an example it can be , which is one of the best known speed testers. Be sure to perform several tests, so you will be sure of how to proceed.

fastest internet speed

Check who is online. In this case, you can enter your router. The address is usually used. You will find very valuable information about the devices that have been connecting to your network. You can also download applications that help you with this topic.

DNS Cache

Empty DNS caches. DNS servers are responsible for translating physical addresses ( into logical ones for us ( ). The responses from the servers are temporarily stored on the computer each time we make an inquiry. In fact, you can check it out using the ipconfig / displaydns command in the windows console.

dns cache for internet

The importance derives from being able to remove outdated data from the pages we visit and in this way there is no accumulated “garbage”. With this we can rule out problems related to our browser.

To clear the DNS cache you just have to enter the command ipconfig / flushdns in the console and with this, you will get rid of that faulty information.

Background tasks

One of the most important ways to increase internet speed when we are working on our computers and that we often do not take into account.

You need to keep checking the update times of the operating system. Windows, for example, commonly uses downtime to update itself but you can program that time too. The problem is that you may be browsing without realizing that the system is downloading update packages.

internet task

Make sure you always have the task manager visible. With this, you can be aware of how much your machine changes status and increases activity.

Try another browser

The Storage of cookies, cache, personal data, or even history, in more extreme cases, it may cause your browser to lose a little “sense”. This is due to the synchronization they must have with the pages to deliver good response times and content updates. Therefore, it is recommended that you try using another browser in order to analyze the response or download times.

However, you can also delete the aforementioned data from your preferred browser. In chrome, you usually access in the way shown in the following image.

brower internet speed

Check your phone:

Most of the aforementioned solutions in “Check your computer” apply in the same way for cell phones. However, you may also be interested in some of the following.

Speed Booster

Although I hardly recommend it. Having a speed booster can help you clean up some sync processes, and close programs running on the background. It is preferable just for those with little informatic knowledge or if want something to save time. That’s because every application is more space and less security too.


Make sure your device is updated. It is important since the slowness will not be due to the internet but rather to the phone.

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