New Japanese ARM-Based Supercomputer is now the fastest computer in the World

Fugaku, the world’s fastest computer located at the Japan Center for Computational Science and jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, managed to outperform its closest competitors Summit and Sierra.

Fugaku supercomputer at the Japan Computer Science Center

The data was determined by the Top500 which is dedicated to the world ranking of these systems and was published on June 20.

Fugaku’s performance is approximately 2,8 times greater than that of Summit. Currently has a performance of 415.53 petaflops and a computing efficiency ratio of 80.87%. Summit had remained first in the list during four editions of the Top500 ranking. In third place is Sierra by the United States too.

The name of Fugaku is another of the ways in which the Japanese know the famous and current world heritage site Mount Fuji.

What is it used for?

Fugaku’s main goal is to be the first computer in the world to break the barrier of an exaFlop. A type of unit for measuring the performance of a computer.

Currently operating evidence bases to treat the Coronavirus. Analyzing, among others, how the human body would behave in response to new drugs. In Addition, it is also helping to measure how the spread of the COVID virus is taking place in the country of Japan. In fact, like most of its opponents are computers designed to contribute to society in different ways.

This type of machine uses techniques to solve many of the current and future problems such as simulation. Also using the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.

They are also planned to be used in the field of social networks. This is due they have reached the point of being able to analyze the characteristics of people’s behavior. Thereby solving many of the current problems in society such as crime, homicide, and drug problems.

That’s right, just like one of my favorite series, Person Of Interest, recommended for those who have not seen it.

Most competitive countries

Illustrative image. Faster supercomputers. Wikipedia

Over the years, the dominant country on the subject has been the United States. Has had almost 25.500 supercomputers on Top500 ranking since 1995. China for its part has only had just over 2,800.

But the data in favor of the American country does not end yet. The advantage in terms of power is the United States too. The “computers” have 644 petaflops, and those in China have 565 petaflops or at least, the most powerful in both cases. Japan, despite having achieved this title with Fugaku, continues to be the third in terms of predominant countries in this field.

I know what you are thinking. Imagine playing your favorite game on one of these machines, you could probably finally achieve a death (“nothing personal”).

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